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November 22 Vigil: address of Arshad Shaikh, Muslim Association of Greater Rockford

On November 22, YWCA Rockford, Muslim Association of Greater Rockford (MAGR), as well as many additional members of the local faith community joined together to honor the victims and families of the November Paris and Beirut terrorist attacks, and to support for the area’s Muslim population. Arshad Shaikh, MAGR President, shared with us the thoughts he carried with him as his spoke to the 100-plus supporters who gathered at the mosque.

Sleeping safely against SIDS: the most important thing to do under two

Parents, child care providers, and well-meaning friends and relatives are all making the same fatal mistakes by putting or leaving infants and toddlers in car seats, swings, strollers and bouncers thinking that the children are safe in this equipment without being supervised; this is a dangerous assumption. Leaving a child in anything other than a crib with a firm sleeping surface and without bedding or toys, is a perilous decision.

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Five low-cost/no-cost reading resources: encourage early literacy on a dime

Do you know how many Pete the Cat books you can get for $25? Not nearly enough! Kids need to have a variety of books available to them… but how do we, as parents, provide enough books when it’s sometimes hard to stretch paychecks to cover expenses? Here are five low-cost/no-cost resources that are easy to access and designed specifically to encourage early readers as well as a lifetime love of reading.

YWCA Board of Directors

Why I am a member…and the YWCA Board Chair

A guest post from YWCA Board Chair Dawna Menke

As we reach out to the community and ask for membership support, members of the YWCA Board of Directors have been sharing our own stories of why we are members. When I ask myself the same question, I consider my part of the breadth and reach of the YWCA: I know that I am a part of a legacy of service, regional, national, and global impact – and overall, a mission that empowers all women.