Building a Business Plan to Build Your Business Better!


Most providers go into the Child Care business, not because of their educational background and experience with owning a small business, but because they love working with children. With research, reaching out to providers, and using resources, providers become successful as a small business owner, but it can take time and cause periods of frustration. Of course, your priority should be using best practices with the children and providing a safe and engaging environment, because this makes you a quality provider and guess what? We need you-the quality provider, and we need you to stay in business.

In an effort to support new and veteran Day Care providers, the YWCA Northwestern Illinois has partnered with Mary Cline, a collegiate Accounting Instructor, to create an online Business Academy training series.

The purpose of this series is to introduce you to a business plan so you can begin to build or revamp your business. Topics will include:

  • What a business plan is and why every business needs one
  • Understanding how a business plan can increase your BAS score
  • How to highlight your business strengths and build on your weaknesses
  • The IRS and your business
  • Using research to market your business
  • Understanding your business’s profits and losses


Please stay tuned for the release of this Business Academy training series. Sign up, so we can keep you, the quality provider, in the business of getting children ready for Kindergarten, and being successful in life.