Child Care Providers….Unfortunately, the public perception of child care providers is usually to label someone who chooses this profession as a “Baby-sitter.”  As someone who has an intimate knowledge of this business, I can state with conviction… that is an utterly misguided description of a person who has a passion for the advancement of our next generation.


Quality childcare providers are a unique group of professionals. These individuals experience all of the same stressors as parents and have an added set of stressors related to professional regulations, standards and boundaries.  Whether providers work in a home-care setting or a day care center, they must have critical thinking skills and react with creativity when faced with less than angelic behavior.  “Even if you love working with kids more than anything else, it’s important to remember that it can be a stressful job and you may end up burnt out faster than you thought if you don’t take steps to avoid it.  Working with children is a field that has a very high turnover rate.”


All things considered, it is a very difficult profession and not one that many pursue.  Quality providers are very special people who feel a passion for children and their profession; to maintain inspiration and remain fresh in their careers, building a support system through networking with other’s in the field is vital.  Network with other childcare professionals, including home-based and center-based childcare providers; we can all learn from each other. Do not isolate yourself! Join a professional organization.  Professional child care associations offer numerous benefits, such as monthly gatherings with other childcare providers, an opportunity to share ideas with colleagues, clock hours of training accepted by the state, a strong support system among members, childcare referrals and backup providers, etc.


Stress has a myriad of causes and solutions that …are most likely a very personal situation…

As an example for stress relief, networks like this for home day care providers can help alleviate a portion of the anxiety that can accompany the isolation as the sole provider.  Composing a list of colleagues to call for certain subjects of concern, e.g., business issues or parent/student concerns, is a good way to prevent stressful situations from occurring.   In addition, keeping in touch with the members of the group and knowing who may have openings, is an excellent way to refer clients to colleagues if a situation arises at the business.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of providers who could accommodate your students if you want to go to a conference, take a vacation day or if you become ill?  Your clients would be appreciative that you have thought ahead and have a safe place for their children to go for that particular day or days.  However, check with the local day care licensing representative to ensure state guidelines and requirements are being followed. This could provide a safety net for individual businesses and perhaps reduce a stressful situation for everyone involved.

Stress has a myriad of causes and solutions that, as with other things in life, are most likely a very personal situation.  No two people are the same and what is a genuine stress trigger for one person may well be a non-issue for another.  It is imperative that each individual identify their own triggers and seek the solutions that will alleviate their stress.  Only you may choose what will work for you.  You must seek and pursue the activities that will replace chaos with serenityBelieve that …you…are worth the time.

Because the stress relief information listed on this website is targeted at adults in general, it is of value to post again.