Do you want to earn a higher percentage for the CCAP children in your care?

This can be accomplished easily though a series of training tiers that you can take in order to receive a CCAP add-on rate. Training Tier 1 consists of 4 different trainings; each training is 3 hours long. Training Tier 2 also consists of 4 different trainings; each totaling 3 hours. Training Tier 3 consists of 8 different trainings; also totaling 3 hours each.

Once Training Tier 1 is complete, you would be eligible for a 10% add-on rate. Moreover, obtaining Training Tier 2 would provide a 15% add-on and Training Tier 3 is a 20% add-on. The tiers must be completed in order, to receive the add-on. Once started, providers have 2 years to complete each tier.

Training Tier 1 Modules include:

  • Overview of Child Development
  • Health Issues for Group Care
  • Nutrition Issues for Group Care
  • Safety Issues for Group Care

Training Tier 2 Modules include:

  • Observation and Guidance
  • Learning Happens in Relationships
  • Family and Community Relationships
  • Personal and Professional Development

Training Tier 3 Modules include:

  • Child Growth and Development (Birth-8months)
  • Child Growth and Development (8 months-18months)
  • Child Growth and Development (18 months-36 months)
  • Preschool Child, Social and Emotional Development
  • Preschool Child, Physical Development
  • Preschool Child, Cognitive Development
  • School Age Development

Once all 16 modules have been completed, you will be eligible to apply for the ECE Credential Level 1.

To find out more information on how to get started on this process please contact:

Rachel Feigel
815-484-9448 ext. 224
[email protected]


Kristian Boyle
815-484-9448 ext. 208
[email protected]