Assistance with Public Benefits and other Resources

The Immigrant Family Resource Program works arduously to break down the cultural and language barriers that affect immigrants and low income families when seeking public benefits, financial support, or having difficulty accessing food assistance, medical services, housing, childcare, and employment.

Immigrant families are provided with information and assessed to determine their eligibility for benefits and services based on their immigrant status. Our providers offer interpreting and translation services for immigrants when faced with difficulty communicating adequately with the Department of Human Services. They also offer case management for those families who need assistance on an ongoing basis to access additional services they are eligible for.

Additional services include; training and education for immigrants on various programs and services, and how to help families become self-sufficient and independent.

The primary goal of the Immigrant Family Resource Program is to guarantee that immigrant families and any other individual who has limited English skills, can access all services available and leading them to a healthy lifestyle.

This program is a collaboration of agencies that work with immigrants and the State of Illinois, Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and the Department of Human Services.