When a parent picks up their child at the end of the day, there is a lot of information that gets exchanged. Parents want to know if their child had a good day, if they ate and slept well and if they were nice to the other children. When you have multiple parents picking up their children at the same time, it can be hard to exchange all of the information for each child to their parents. Providers say it’s usually when they are picking up or planning for the next day that they remember what they forgot to tell the parents. This lack of communication is minor in small intervals, but if all pick up and drop off times tend to be busy, a lot of crucial milestones and concerns could be missed.

Wouldn’t you love to know what your children are doing during the day, in real time? As a parent at work, do you wonder what your child is doing, what they had for lunch, did they take a nap?

Now, thanks to Brightwheel, providers and families can stay connected during the day. Brightwheel is a free mobile app that allows parents and providers to connect and communicate about the child’s day in real time.  Through your computer or smart phone, users are able to connect with their providers whenever the moment is right.

Providers set up individual accounts for each family, which includes an area to send invoices and collect payments.  Once connected with Brightwheel, users can share and tag photos of the children.  Providers are also able to share daily reports, for example; nap times, accident reports, meals, etc.

Additionally, families have access to a calendar containing important dates or events from their program.  Parents are also able send quick notes to their providers straight from the app to let them know important information.  Furthermore, the app contains an easy check-in/check-out system with a unique code for each parent to digitally sign their children in and out for the day.

The cost of this service is free. For those with access to a computer or smart phone, this app may help break down the barriers experienced in the frenzied environment of child care pickup and drop off. This real time access to information regarding our children will be both comprehensive and powerful.