Child Care Consultants & Specialists

YWCA Child Care Solutions provides consultants trained to assist you in addressing the individual needs and challenges of the children in your care. Consultants are available to assist child care centers and family child care homes

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant program was established in response to the growing need for additional support services in the area of social, emotional, and behavioral needs of children. To address this concern, Caregiver Connections, Youth Services Network, and YWCA Child Care Solutions established a partnership. The Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant works with child care providers to provide the following services:

  • Establish and maintain ongoing supportive relationships with child care providers.
  • Provide ongoing support for child care staff to enhance interactions with the children and parents they serve.
  • Assist child care providers in designing setting based intervention strategies to enhance children’s social-emotional development and mitigate behavioral disruptions.
  • Provide mental health consultation regarding particular children with mild social-emotional challenges.
  • Facilitate referrals for children and families with more intensive needs to the most appropriate available mental health (or other supportive) provider.

Call the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant if you have questions or concerns regarding a child in your care. Mary Kelley, LCPC, 815-289-2605 or 815-986-1947.

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