The 1st annual Career-Con was held at Harlem High School on April 22, 2017. The event ran from 9-1pm in the auxiliary gym and was set up as a career fair. Although the event was held at Harlem, it was open to students from all local schools. Students were able to walk table to table and engage in conversation with presenters. The goal of Career-Con is to allow for informal conversation between students and career professionals. There were over 30 presenters in attendance and I was excited to be included as one of them. I spoke to students about my job specifically, as the Recruitment/Referral Specialist for the YWCA Northwestern Illinois. I was also able to inform this pool of future work force employees about the various positions held by other specialists here at the YWCA. We spoke about the requirements to become a licensed home day care provider as well. A couple of the students I talked to have already begun taking the credential requirements needed to work in early childcare! It was great to see the connection between the programs in the schools and how they are directly related to specific careers. I had a good time and I think the students that I talked with left with a better understanding of our agency and the work that we do. Also, thank you CEANCI for helping us in the effort to reach out to members of the community through the UNITE tool.

Author: Kelly McNeal, Recruitment/Referral Specialist