The season is rapidly approaching where the weather can be crazy and uncooperative when it comes to children having opportunities to play outdoors.  Children need ways to stay active but when the temperature is too cold or the weather is not appropriate to be outside, finding ways to burn off that energy can be a challenge for families.

While there are many options for indoor activities outside the home, bundling up the group to go out in bad weather can work up a sweat for the adults and can be challenging when the weather does not permit safe travels.


So here are a few ideas on how to have fun and be active in the home:

  1. Dance Party – Turning on music and dancing in crazy ways like swinging arms and jumping around. To change it up, turn off the lights and use glow sticks, flashlights, or even blinking holiday lights to make it a fun party in the dark.
  2. Boot Camp – Have fun with exercises stations; set up areas to do things like sit-ups, jumping jacks, and frog jumps for examples. Set a timer and have the children do as many reps at each station within that time frame. For added fun, have the children be the instructors! They will have fun leading parents through the exercises.
  3. Video Games – This idea should not be discounted as there are many interactive video games nowadays using a Wii, PS4, or Xbox One. The games range for children of all ages and can offer nostalgia for the parents. There is a great deal of movement in a variety of games from bowling or boxing, to a dance competition, or even an adventure traveling through different places with a favorite fictional character.
  4. Fort Building – Creating an imaginative location where a superhero has to protect his village or a princess battles a dragon from invading her castle, can be fun for both children and adults. This idea can offer a reuse of old costumes from Halloween and boxes, blankets, and other pieces of furniture can be used to build whatever place the children decide.  And of course, save those empty cardboard wrapping paper tubes because they make great (and safe) swords for fighting all the villains.


Imagination is unlimited and goes along way when the season change, holiday breaks arrive, or even unexpected snow days require a day spent indoors. Consider these in the coming months or create a new idea and have fun!

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