Recently, Kristian Boyle, Quality Specialist, and I taught Creating Individual Professional Development Plans at Washington Park Christian Church off West State Street in Rockford, IL. Kimberly Lyons, a local 13+ year child care provider recommended her church to us and provided light refreshments for all guests. Additionally, Pastor Allen was present the entire time to help with any needs that might arise. For the 14 providers who came, the atmosphere was supportive and positive.

Half way through the three hour training, we talked about mission statements and I asked if any of the providers had a one for their child care business. Many of them did not have one and some did not know exactly what I meant by a mission statement. So I asked, “Have you ever noticed what the YWCA’s mission statement is?” One hand rose and she said “Eliminating racism and empowering women.” I have to say, I was pretty impressed–she explained how every time she drives into our parking lot, our sign grabs her attention and she reads the statement. She is a new provider, not yet licensed, but working hard to get there. She took the attention of the entire room when she said:

“Now I see it. I see how they are working towards their mission statement. I see it in the room tonight. We got to go to a training near our homes and in neighborhoods we are familiar with, and tonight we are learning how to be better providers for the children we care for. It is our job to teach them and keep them safe. I think that will be my mission statement.”

Each of these ladies is now interested in Professional Development Funds, Quality Improvement Funds, Dinner ‘n Learns, Lending Library, our consultant services, and ExceleRate! This was an excellent addition to a training all about Professional Development!