We are very excited to introduce to you the lovely ladies from Roxy Carmichael! They will be joining us for the 2016 Wine, Women, and Purses event at Franchesco’s Restaurant on October 6th, Thursday. Book your tickets online soon! We home to see you there!!

  1. Who are you?

Kat Mitchell & Debbie Aiello, Owners – Managers-Sisters

Business name: location: Roxy Carmichael Boutique, 310 N. Alpine Road, Rockford, IL

Where are you from: University Park, IL

How long have you lived in the area: Kat 13 years; Debbie 10 Years.

  1. Describe your business/store

Roxy Carmichael Boutique – We love “your” style! We are women’s clothing, fashion jewelry, handbags,

gifts & more …!

  1. What inspired you to open your business:

We come from a long line of small business owners. We are doing what is in our blood!

  1. What is your favorite thing about what you do?

We are passionate about fashion and we are passionate about making women feel good about themselves. We want to give back or give to others; helping women with their appearance is a great joy for us.

  1. When your not running your business, what are you doing in your “spare time”?

Studying the Bible then Shopping!! Then we love home improvements, decorating & gardening.

  1. How many years have you participated in WW&P and what do you like about this event?

We have been participating since 2010. We love the atmosphere of the evening. The room is always alive and happy. There is a lot of love in the air that evening!

  1. What item, trend, or product are you most excited about this Fall?

We are excited to see blues, burgundies, jewel tones, and plaid. Plaid is very “in” again for fall. We are excited for warm, cozy sweaters. We look forward to more feminine tops with a narrower silhouette that is figure flattering for different body shapes. For our boot loving gals, shorty boots with cuffed jeans is the look for fall, as well as, shorty boots with tights and a cute dress or skirt & top.