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On July 30, 2015, YWCA Child Care Solutions received the following notification letter from the Illinois Department of Human Service (IDHS), regarding Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) payments to child care providers:

July 30, 2015

To all IDHS Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) Clients and Providers:

This notice is to inform you of a recent decision concerning Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) payments.

A court decree handed down in St. Claire County authorizes payments to the individual providers who receive their pay directly from the Comptroller. DHS has no authority under court order or appropriation to pay the centers and agencies. As with other providers and vendors, their payments will be delayed until a budget is in place.

Given this decision, all home child care providers who provide services in either their home or the home of the child (both licensed and license-exempt), and are not part of a Child Care Home Network will continue to be paid by the established CCAP process and on the current time frames.  Child Care Certificates will continue to be sent to providers and be entered into the State payment system.

Child care centers and home networks will be paid retroactively for services provided after July 1 for all approved children ONCE A BUDGET IS PASSED.  Child Care Certificates and Certificate Reports (for centers) will continue to be sent for all eligible families.  Center and home network providers should continue to complete the Certificates and mail into the CCR&R as usual.  Once a budget is in place for the fiscal year that began on July 1, IDHS will begin approving payments based on the date the payment was entered into the system.  We will be able to process around $14 million in payments each day for the Comptroller’s office to issue.

We are unable at this time to say when center and network providers who will experience delays in payments should expect to receive payments.  The time frames depend on when a State budget is approved and how many payments are on hold waiting to be paid at the time funding is available.


So what does this mean to you, CCAP clients and providers?

CCAP is currently operating without an approved State budget. When the budget year began on July 1, the General Assembly passed a budget that was $3 billion to $4 billion short of covering all of the state’s expenses for the year. Governor Rauner vetoed most of the budget. While it would seem that missing the July 1 deadline would speed up the State, it can take months after July 1 for the State to pass the budget.

Centers and Home Network Providers:

According to the July 30 notice, CCAP Child Care Centers and networks will be paid after a budget is passed, retroactively to July 1. So if the budget passes August 31, providers will be paid after August 31 for services provided between July 1 and August 31, or September 30…or as long as it took.

When the budget is set, IDHS will approve payments based on when they were entered into the system. So keep completing and turning in your certificates to the YW or your local CCAP agency. IDHS will be able to process around $14 million in payments each day for payment from the State Comptroller, once the budget passes.

Individual Providers (not part of a child care home network):

Because of a court decision in St. Claire County, your payments will come directly from the Comptroller, not IDHS. If you are an in-home licensed and license-exempt provider, you will continue with the same CCAP processes and time frames.

What about the new eligibility guidelines?

The payment processing is separate from the new guidelines for family and provider approval.