How do you know if items in your home, classroom, and playground are safe? As a mom of two little girls, we have a lot of different items in our home. Generally, new items come with instructions and registration cards. These registration cards are intended to inform a consumer of recalls, but how often are these cards actually completed and sent to the manufacturer? I can honestly say I don’t always fill out these product registration cards, but it would be beneficial to do so.

Safety recalls are important for professionals, parents, and grandparents. Anyone who purchases items, especially items geared towards children, should be concerned about safety recalls. A recall is when the government and manufacturers remove a product from the market due to risks of serious harm to children. Once a month, KIDS in Danger posts information on products that have been recalled and why they have been. A flyer containing recalled information is available for download on the website. This flyer can be easily displayed in child care facilities or child care homes for parents to view as well. Help keep children safe by making sure the items you are using with them are safe.

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