As caregivers, every day we care for children like they are our own children. All children deserve to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. September is “Baby Safety” month, so let’s take a little time to discuss baby safety.


One of the ways to insure safety is to make sure the equipment you have in your center or home is safe. Please reference my July of 2016 blog to learn how to receive monthly reports regarding safety recalls. Another safety point is how babies travel in vehicles.


Did you know that in Illinois we have the Child Passenger Protection Act? “The Child Passenger Protection Act requires that all children under age eight be properly secured in an appropriate child safety restraint system.” September 18th-24th is child passenger safety week. Safety is always the first thing we think of when we think of children being passengers in our vehicles, because we want to make sure that the children we are taking care of are safe.


For additional information on making sure the passengers in your care are safe, visit the website On the Buckle up Illinois website, you will find safety tips including vehicle installation tips, school bus safety, appropriate seating for different ages, and testing areas to make sure that seats are safe in your vehicles for your passengers.