As a contributing “blogger”, my assigned focus is to promote upcoming trainings/workshops that YWCA Northwestern Illinois Child Care Solutions offer.

All of our trainings/workshops should result in improving the quality of care. I felt this blog was appropriate to remind child care providers that the quality of care they provide should leave a positive impact on those children they presently care for and for those that they cared for in the past.

dr. seuss

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. – Dr. Seuss

Have you ever pondered who made a difference in your life?

As an adult, you may not realize what an impact you have made on a young person. Reflecting on your own experiences as a child, can you think of someone who showed they cared at a time you needed support; had high expectations for your behavior; helped you get excited about learning new things; encouraged positive values—caring, honesty, and responsibility; made you feel good about yourself and optimistic about your future?

Was this person instrumental in just one event or was this something you experienced over a course of time?

Most young people are impacted by small things that adults do each day—whether they are positive or negative. Small positive actions and words can result in a huge pay off.

As an adult, here are a few suggestions on being “that person”.

  • Ask a young person to teach you a new skill.
  • Send cards or e-mail greetings to children that you know to acknowledge holidays, birthdays, and or milestones in their lives.
  • Be patient with young workers at a grocery store, drug store, or fast food restaurants.
  • Say you’re sorry when you make a mistake.

This is a very short list of suggestions—the possibilities are endless.

Go out and make somebody’s day!