Meet InnovaMed Aesthetics

1. Who are you?

a. Name:  Susan Deguide, MD; Linda Razbadouski, MD; Sarah Ramirez, Licensed Esthetician; Debra Marks, Aesthetics Coordinator

b. Business name, location:  SwedishAmerican InnovaMed Aesthetics, 2601 North Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103

c. Where are you from:  Doctors DeGuide and Razbadouski were raised in the Chicagoland area.  Sarah Ramirez is an Ohio native, while Debra Marks was raised in Rockford.

d. How long have you lived in the area:  The length of time varies for each member of the team.  Our doctors and Sarah have lived in the area the majority of their adult lives while Debra has lived here her entire life.

2. Describe your business/store:  Since 2004 the physicians and staff at SwedishAmerican InnovaMed Aesthetics have been providing comprehensive skin rejuvenation services for patients in the northern and central Illinois regions.  We offer a unique approach to nonsurgical aesthetics medical care and provide the latest in these services in a state-of-the art medical office.

3. What inspired you to open your business:  We knew that aesthetic treatments were up and coming and saw the opportunity to help people while bringing an innovative style of medicine to the Rockford community.

4. What is your favorite thing about what you do:  Providing services to our patients and watching their transformation into more confident individuals.

5. When you’re not running your business, what are you doing in your “spare time”:  While our interests vary, all enjoy spending time with family and friends.  Individually they enjoy golf, travel, rock collecting, baking and running.

6. How many years have you participated in Wine, Women & Purses and what do you like about this event:  This is our first year participating in this event.  We are very excited to be a part of this and having the opportunity to share information about our services and sell products to those in attendance.

7. What item, trend, or product are you most excited about this Fall:  Botox and traditional facials are always “the thing” but Natural Dermal Fillers and Hydrafacials are always “in style” for the Fall and Holidays.