Providing care for the school age child can pose quite a challenge. First and foremost, the key to having happy children as well as happy staff lies all in the planning.

Most people (yes, school age children are people) thrive on structure—having a plan and knowing what to expect from day to day. For children, their comfort zone may be minute to minute; and you should not necessarily be dictating what they are doing all of the time—just creating an agenda or schedule and sticking to it. I must interject that structure does not work well if there is not some flexibility in the plan. When an activity is productive and producing happy sounds, do not cut it short due to the schedule that is in place.

During our spring quarter, we are pleased to offer “Guiding Children and Youth Behavior in our After School Program, Controlling the Environment—Not the Child or Youth,” a workshop conducted by Curtis Peace, Executive Director of the Illinois Afterschool Network. The agency he represents is the state affiliate to the National After School Association. It represents school districts; park districts; YMCA;YWCA; Child Development Centers; Teen REACH Programs, Boys and Girls Clubs; 21st Century Community Learning Centers; Faith Based organizations; Family Child Care Homes and other youth-serving organizations throughout Illinois. It is dedicated to working with children and youth in the field of after school and youth development.

The workshop will focus on developing positive and preventive strategies to effectively guide and facilitate children and youth’s behavior. This is an interactive session which will include:

  • A self-inventory
  • The six elements of operating a high quality after school program
  • Developing a “PEACE-PLACE” to help children solve their own problems through effective conflict resolution management
  • Bulling Prevention tips and resources

Workshop: Controlling the Environment—Not the Child or Youth
June 7, 2016
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
YWCA Northwestern Illinois, Rockford
Cost: $5

To attend the workshop or for more information, please contact Nancy at 815-484-9442 ext. 211 or [email protected]