Do you want to take a GED or English as a Second Language (ESL) class? Do you need one-on-one instruction with a tutor?

Getting back into a classroom setting as an adult can be difficult, but YWCA Literacy Council wants to help you!

Enjoy a word from one of our past learners and learn more about how the program helped him improve his reading skills. Milton E. Taylor was one of YWCA Literacy Council’s first adult learners, he completed our program, was a great ambassador, and serves as an excellent example of how the program can help you too.

Dear Diary,

It’s a beautiful day today. The trees are budding and the grass is a bright green!

Last night I went out with a friend to a restaurant and I order from the menu. I read it and ordered what I wanted. A year ago I would have just ordered something “safe” so no one would know that I couldn’t read. I still need to read better but thanks to my tutor, I’m getting there.

It’s hard to believe how much my life has changed over the past year. I look forward to every new day and every new experience reading brings my way.

Diary, I’m committed to improving my reading and using that to improve my life. I’m sorry that I had to leave behind many of my friends and even relatives, you know the ones I mean. They just want to party and hang out.  They don’t believe reading is important. 

They don’t know what they are missing. One the other hand, I can still party and hang out. I can open a book and party on The Orient Express. I can hang out with Lawrence of Arabia, I can dive the deepest seas, climb the highest mountains, fly through space to the edge of the universe, and I’m sorry I can’t take them with me.

Well diary, I have a new book. I’ll let you know where it takes me.
Sincerely, Book Worm, Milton E. Taylor

Registration is open now for interested learners who want to take a class or obtain a one-on-one adult volunteer tutor. For more information, call our office at 815-968-9681 Ext. 102 or complete an online application at

-Bonnie Juarez, Director of YWCA Literacy Council