Free Classes for Adults

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Students in our ESL classes receive personalized guidance with English-language listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We offer multiple learning levels, from introductory to advanced.

ESL In the Workplace

Through the YWCA Literacy Council, local employers can offer non-native English- speaking employees the opportunity to improve their language skills, gain confidence, close the communications and cultural gap, and boost morale.

Employers can increase cost-effectiveness, productivity, and retention with customized ESL classes that teach employees vocabulary and phrases specific to their company. Staff will also gain day-to-day conversation skills that they’ll be able to use immediately.

Classes are offered in person or virtually to best fit the needs of your team.

GED/Academic Skills

Students can improve reading, writing, and math skills in our small academic classes offering personalized attention. We offer three levels of classes, both online and in person. Students will be placed in the most appropriate class based on an initial reading assessment. The goal of these classes is to help students successfully complete their high school equivalency (GED).

Computer Classes

Each month we offer two computer classes —a basic skills course and a course that covers a rotating selection of digital literary skills.

IT Careers Blast Off! and YW Tech Lab

Students in the IT Careers Blast Off! class will receive an introduction to the field of information technology (IT) while increasing their digital literacy and presentation skills.

In addition to gaining a working knowledge of professional computer programs, including Microsoft Office and Google Workspace, students will have the opportunity to learn about various IT careers from guest speakers.

Upon completion of the class, students can receive assistance in transitioning to Rock Valley College’s IT Network Technician ICAPS program to continue their education and prepare for employment in the computer field.

Individuals who are interested in a career in web development can make it happen with the Tech Lab class.

With this course students will receive hands-on training, personalized assistance, numerous certificate options, paid internship opportunities, on-the-job-training and job placement. Plus, all students will receive a laptop that is yours to keep after completion.