I’m not the only parent that struggles every year when it comes to buying a costume for my children for Halloween. The variety of costumes kids have available to them can make it hard to pick the right one. Then there’s the battle of combing through all the costumes just to find the right size is sold out.

It also seems that the earlier you start planning for Halloween the easier it is on your finances. This Halloween can be right on budget with three simple tips you can follow to make the season spooky and fun without breaking the bank.

DIY Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, you want to stand out and be original. Explore creating and expressing your child’s individuality by making a costume of their own. Utilize social media to get ideas that you can recreate. Look at Pinterest for unique costume ideas, scroll on Tik Tok to see what is trending this year that you can try to make. Once you have got an idea, head to a second-hand store like Goodwill to get the pieces. You can find plenty of accessories that fit your budget by visiting your local thrift store.

For the youngest Halloween participants, or on nights that are very cold, animal face paint and ears will make the perfect costume on a budget. The name of the game is creativity and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get crafty!




Buy Costumes Early in the Season or Immediately After Halloween 

Buying costumes early in the season will help you avoid any disappointed children; it saves you from having arguments, and the chances of you finding out that all the costumes or masks are sold out are slim. You also can find ways to save with sales and coupons that often happen at the beginning of the season to get customers in the door.

But the best way to stay on budget for Halloween is to take advantage of the ‘end of Halloween’ sales. Stores want to get rid of this year’s merchandise to make way for the next wave of seasonal items, and that means steep discounts. This is a great way to stock up on accessories, decorations, and find a costume that will work for next year.

Utilize Your Local Resources 

Let’s be honest, all of us are preparing for other expenses outside of Halloween like birthdays, seasonal parties, and the holidays. All of it can put a big strain on our budgets and often day-to-day expenses leave us without a budget for something like a Halloween costume. Reach out to resources available to you to see if you can find a costume for no cost.

Ask local churches if any costumes were donated, reach out to friends and family members with older children who have grown out of their previous years costume.

The quickest way to ask a community for any items is to search the free section on social media via Facebook Marketplace or in support groups.

Halloween is all about having fun, but it can be stressful leading up to it. By taking the time to plan, using your creativity, and reaching out to others, you’ll be able to enjoy all the spooky festivities and stay on budget.

-Amy & Liz