Language Proficiency Assessments

for Spanish Speaking Employees & Candidates

Having bilingual (able to speak two languages) and bi-literate (able to read and write in two languages) employees can help you better serve your clients and customers, but it is important to know the level of proficiency your bilingual staff has so you know what capacity they have to interpret and/or translate correctly.

  • Interpreting is when an individual converts a spoken message from one language to another.
  • Translation is where a written document, is converted, in writing, to another language.
  • Sight Translation requires the interpreter/translator to read aloud, in the target language, a document written in the source language.

The ability to speak two languages is a skill in itself. We can assess how skilled your bilingual employees are in both Spanish and English. Their skill set in each language can determine whether or not they have the ability to accurately interpret for your business/organization at a social or professional level. We can also assess whether they are able to read and write in the second language and what level of proficiency they possess. Their proficiency level can determine whether or not they are capable of doing sight translations and/or written translations. We will determine if their writing skills are appropriate for a professional setting.

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